Summer & Smoke

Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row, New York City. 2008.

Directed by Tlaloc Rivas.
Set by Jonathan W. Collins.
Costumes by Tilly Grimes.
Lighting by Kate Ashton.
Sound by Brian McCorkle.
All photos by Jonathan W. Collins.

 “Rivas has said that he wanted to approach this play, first seen on Broadway some 60 years ago, as if it were new, or at least a newly discovered work; this he has done, along with his excellent collaborators, who have shone light on some of the less appreciated aspects of this less familiar work by one of America's finest playwrights... this revival is especially enlightening and edifying: Rivas and the producers, Big Sky Theatre Company, are giving us fresh insight into a play that brims with intelligence and raw emotion.” -Martin Denton

“Rivas’s staging has some smart and fresh directing going on. One of the sparkiest overall moves was to cut as close to the bone as possible. The set is beautifully designed, and makes the simplicity of a platform and chairs seem sexy, tactile and rich with possibility, and the show is lit with both nuance and clarity. Without extraneous stage detail, we are still continuously sure as to our location in this almost stark—but never bleak— landscape.” -Chris Mills

Nominated for New York Innovative Theatre Awards, Best Lighting Design.